Hindsight bias

The expressions like, “I should have known this before” or “I should have done this before” are always there in our thoughts when we take a decision and see that their consequences aren’t as expected.

It is obvious that we will know about a decision much more after it’s consequences than what we had knew while taking decision. Because of course, now we have more information and facts at hand but, before taking the decision we have relied on interpretations.

Whether it’s rational or irrational don’t know, we practice hindsight biasness at many a times.

Finest train journey:P

Where I have to stand resting the suitcase on the ground and between my feet. Where my folded hands has become an obstacle for everyone who tries to pass through the overly congested aisle. And my Nike shoes has apparently became textured black from cream color, thanks to people who have taken it something they can use in place of floor to put there steps.

So, its my first ever encounter with traveling in General class of a Indian Railways from Surat to Bikaner. Of course it’s not something which will teach me anything, but still we can take out something from it.

Although I prefer a decent, calm journey with no haphazad events. But still I am finding this journey a new experience to feel.

I am slipping, but someone is holding me.

There are so many mistakes I do every single day. At a time that can be somehow forgiven. But breaking promises aren’t. I was addicted to one thing which I promised someone to abandon it. But again, I got on to that addiction.

A person who is my savior in all aspects. I can’t let that one down by not even abiding a promise.

I promise again and for the last time to abandon that habit. Trust is very powerful, it can make relationship and can even break it.

I am sorry. I will not be that guy again.

Cultural biasness

It is something that is disgusting and nothing else especially in the business. Someone said “trade with him, he is our jain bhai (person from our community)”.

And the worst part is it is infested everywhere in the traditional business setup.

Couldn’t we just shift the mindset towards a little bit rationality only? That is enough I suppose.

Chiasmus – inverted parallelism persuasive writing.

“We don’t have to live to love, instead we have to love to live”. Or “we shouldn’t think what society can do for us, rather what we can do for the society.”

Why these types of phrases are so persuasive? There’s something which make these phrases clever, ingenious, and hard to refute.

Basically, it forces us to rethink about the relationship between the subjects or ideas and at the same time it makes the relationship look very obvious and self evident. And that makes it hard for people not to nod on the these observations.

Greed or expansion

If I am longing for more sales in a business, if I am craving for more marks in an exams, if I am wanting to travel more and more. Is this a kind of greed. Are thses greed for money, pleasure, power, excitement or anything?

Or is this a wish for our own expansion in difference ways.

To liberate ourselves from the surrounded complexities and to accept the unknown, and even tough difficulties.